air cooled water chiller

Air-cooled chiller features  

High quality compressor  As the heart of the chiller, NASER chose a new original compressor from Europe, America and Japan. It has built-in safety protection, low noise, and energy saving and durability.  Water tank evaporator  Stainless steel thick water tank evaporator with built-in automatic water supply device, eliminating the flooding water tank in the engineering installation, convenient for installation and maintenance, and suitable for special occasions such as large temperature difference and small flow.

Water-cooled condenser  Japan's Kobe high-threaded copper tube production, large heat dissipation, small size. It is made of the latest CAD/CAM design and is completed with the CNC machining center. It is compact, energy efficient.  Unit configuration  It is equipped with precision electronic temperature controller, precise control of water temperature within 5~25 degrees, built-in compressor overload load protector, circulating water pump overload system, system low pressure abnormal protector, high efficiency imported dry filter and credit valve, Maintenance of the valve interface and other devices to ensure reliable and safe operation of the machine, convenient maintenance and repair.  

Optional pump unit  According to the user's engineering design requirements, it is equipped with imported high-efficiency energy-saving water pump, which makes the installation and use of Najin chiller fast and convenient.  Multi-function operation panel  The operation panel is equipped with ammeter, control system insurance, compressor and water pump switch button, electronic temperature controller, various safety protection fault lights, unit start running indicator light, easy to use.



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